Shapemeans GmbH


Custom Research & Development for medical image analysis

Building & validating statistical shape models from new data

Consulting & Support in statistical shape modeling


Our software solutions are based on open-source frameworks.


Open-source shape modeling in Scala.
Scalismo is an opensource framework for shape modeling and image analyis based on the same theoretical principles as Statismo. It runs on the Java Virtual Machine and leverages modern programming concepts. It is ideally suited to develop full-scale industrial applications that are deployable in complex, distributed imaging pipelines.


Statismo is an opensource framework for statistical shape modeling written in C++. It supports all shape modeling tasks, from model building to shape analysis. It is designed to seamlessly work together with common Open Source imaging frameworks such as ITK and VTK. Statismo is distributed under the BSD Licence which permits unrestricted use for commercial purposes.

About us

Shapemeans GmbH was founded in 2016 and is located in Basel, Switzerland. All three co-founders Ghazi Bouabene, Thomas Gerig and Marcel Lüthi are members of the Graphics and Vision ( Gravis ) research group at the University of Basel. The research focus of the co-founders is on methods to build statistical shape models of different anatomies and their use for medical image analysis. The co-founders of Shapemeans are also actively involved in the development of the open source software solutions for statistical shape modeling.

Ghazi Bouabene, PhD
Marcel Lüthi, PhD
Thomas Gerig, MSc